If you are considering hypnosis but worry that it may be taking you on the long slow road to hippy skirts and backpacking through India in search of your Guru you can relax.
Many high performance athletes and sports people use self hypnosis to break through fears, keep themselves focused and improve their performance. It has been found to help those athletes who have been injured to heal faster and stronger using self hypnosis techniques.
Many of these athletes use mantras or short simple phrases coming to of their hypnosis sessions to push them through their pain barriers, or keep them focused when all they really want to do is stop and rest.
Business owners and entrepreneurs use hypnosis to stay focused in work and as a start off point to increase creativity and brainstorming. With many of us allowing our fears to curtail the “what could be” in our lives, finding a way to break through that, replacing those fears with positive statements instead can help greatly in business.
Addictive behaviour can also be helped with self hypnosis techniques. Smokers, dieters, and those wanting to reduce time with anything disrupting everyday life and success can find these tools can reprogram their patterns. If you have a major addiction however, it is a good idea to seek medical help, using the hypnosis as only part of the whole method.
Chronic illness can also be helped with hypnosis. TO give an idea of the power of thought, a study of patients with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic condition that is incurable, found that hypnotherapy was able to improve their health, helping them to breathe easier (this condition fills the lungs with liquid),
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reducing anxiety and improves the ability to clear the lungs without needing to cough chronically.
Cancer patients have long used self hypnosis as part of their battle against their illness. Being able to visualize their body healing itself and being victorious not only have been shown to be effective in helping the healing process, but has reduced the anxiety attached to the illness considerably. The hypnosis helps people with chronic illness take charge of their body- when often the illness and the related treatments can make you feel as though you have to let go of your own decision making and no longer have any control over it. That alone makes it a worth while tool.
Mental health struggles with things such as panic attacks, depression and self harm can also be helped with hypnotherapy. Again, if you are very depressed or struggling with self harm in such a way that you are endangering your life or the people around you, it is important to use hypnosis in conjunction with professional advice and treatment. However learning to use the simple but effective breathing and mantra repetition techniques can help you pre-empt episodes before you lose control, or help you reconfigure your thought patterns so any negative behaviour is reduced.
Many doctors, health professionals, trainers and advisors recommend hypnosis as an excellent tool. Using it in your own life is an excellent way to achieve your own personal goals. With so many people before you have found it an excellent tool to solve their own issues, you can be assured you are using something that really does work and is considered useful.