Looking For Results? Hypnosis For Transformation
1 Hypnosis taps into your subconscious.
2 Hypnosis is a form of guided meditation.
3 By changing your subconscious, you can change your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and actions.
4 When hypnotized, you are fully awake and conscious in a relaxed state.
5 You can only be hypnotized if you choose to be.
6 When hypnotized, you in full control. No one can make you do anything against your will.
7 You can bypass the limiting beliefs of your conscious mind to relay your desired thoughts and behaviors to your subconscious mind.
8 Hypnosis can help to reduce pain, overcome fears, eliminate bad habits, and sail past mental blocks.
9 In order to see change, you have to want the desired change.
10 In additional to seeking the expertise of a professional hypnotherapist, you can also learn the art of self-hypnosis with Melody at www.UltraMindHypnosis.com Email: Melody@AboveAllHealing.com.au