As I was sitting on my balcony looking at the water, every feeling one could imagine arose, fear, grief, loss, what the majority of the world is feeling and then everything became so very clear, ‘Time to be the editor of our subconscious mind and change our reality. Brain Wave Frequencies –

Beta – Brain functions at approx 20 cycles per second at this frequency. This is an ideal level in which to take action in your life.

Alpha – Brain functions at approx 10 cycles per second at this frequency. This is ideal for thinking and deductive reasoning.

Theta – Brain functions at approx 5 cycles per second at this frequency. This is ideal for correcting problems of biological intelligence.

Delta – Brain functions at below 4 cycles per second at this frequency. This is the level where we have a connection with higher intelligence. It is the first frequency experienced by infants, and the last frequency experienced before death.

In the alpha state, individuals make better decisions, attain happier relationships and greater success in life. This is done by bringing the subconscious to the conscious level. Some of the benefits you will discover are reduced stress, strengthened immune system, slowing down the aging process, greater intuitive abilities, also aiding in discovering your purpose in life.

from the list above.

What area of your life would you most want to improve?

(1 being the most important and 8 being the least?)

As we are experiencing social isolation, I am offering online sessions to edit the subconscious and create greater self-awareness which in turn creates greater transformation.

From logic to magic! Change your thoughts and transform Your Life.