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Hypnosis For Positive Change

I am in charge of my mind and therefore my results
 I am in charge of my mind and therefore my results  My thoughts are focused on the future. I use my strengths and resources to build a brighter tomorrow.  I am more concerned with responding constructively to events rather than analyzing their causes. I use the power of creativity to manifest my future  I am open to change. I know that if I want to produce different results, I can adjust my behavior.  I have the courage and determination to make a new start.  I assess my life and focus on the positive aspects. I let go of absolute thinking.  I identify my best assets and use them to create strategies that I can apply more creatively.  I search unconsciously for solutions for me. I design approaches that base din possibility.  I celebrate my victories.

Today, I change my thinking. I have rapport with my unconscious mind to bring me closer to my ideal future right now.

I am in charge of my mind and therefore my results

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does my outlook shift when I focus on solutions rather than the obstacles? 2. What is already working well in my life and how can I build upon it? 3. Why is it important for me to collaborate with others on developing solutions? www.UltraMindHypnosis.com

What Exactly Is Fear?

  • Fear is a biological response to an internal or external stimulus.

    • A biological response. When you’re afraid, your body goes into “fight or flight” mode. Your heart rate goes up and your adrenaline increases.

    • To an internal or external stimulus. Fear can arise from within or without. Thinking about losing your job (internal stimulus) causes fear. Coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear (external stimulus) also causes fear.
  • What you’ll probably discover is that most of your fears are internally created. You are afraid because of what you think will happen rather than what is actually happening. What you feel is real but the circumstances you’re imagining are not.

  • When you understand the true nature of fear, it becomes easier to overcome. You are able to closely examine your anxiety and determine if there is any substance to it.

Change Your Biology

  • When you’re afraid, your body is ramped up, and it can be very difficult to control your thinking. When you dispel the physical effects of fear, it becomes much easier to dispel the mental effects of fear. So, how do you change your biology?

    • Exercise. When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel good. If you’re feeling worried, go for a brisk walk or hit the gym.

    • Do breathing exercises. When you’re anxious, you breathe rapidly, which raises your heart rate, increases muscle tension, causes dizziness, and more. Focus on changing your breathing patterns.

    • Relax your muscles. Use progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) – a technique for releasing muscles that have been tensed due to anxiety.

Eat and sleep right. As much as possible, try to eat healthy foods and avoid processed ones. Shoot for somewhere between seven to eight hours of sleep each night. ONLINE sessions available. www.UltraMindHypnosis.com

This Hypnosis session was recorded by Melody For Total Relaxation and Healing.

The most important aspect of having success with hypnosis audio recordings is repeated listening. This is similar to other things in life where repetition, or daily practice, is one of if not the most important part of achieving your desired result.   The more you listen to an audio recording, the more the message will become part of your daily life.

Daily listening is recommended. Choose a time that is right for you and your lifestyle. Most people find that before going to bed, upon waking. Another beneficial time is during a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break. Whatever suits your current lifestyle. Sending you my love, healing, and gratitude and many benefits for your Self Care Hypnosis Session!

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