We meet in my ZOOM room online, so you can work with me from the comfort of your own home. The session time is approximately 60 minutes INCLUDING audio and video transcripts. (no extra charge if a session runs over)

Special Offer Packages are available


Together we create a space of connection, trust, and openness.

You will identify your limiting beliefs, and negative emotions such as fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety. Fast and effective techniques to change your thoughts and transform your life!

As an Energy Healer, Hypnosis Teacher, and Transformational Life Coach, clearing processes, tools, and techniques will be implemented by deleting blocked energy pathways in the body and mind. Put it simply, ‘like weeding the garden creating clear channels for new growth and transformation’.

Our feelings, our thoughts, emotions, and everything in the world around us is energy. What we experience is nothing but the memories of the past, the stress we went through, other energies, or trauma. Everything that we experience is nothing but a memory stored within our body cells that are responsible for our current body conditions.

Emails go directly to my private email account and are not seen by anyone else. Please note that I cannot give readings or advice over email. Due to the number of emails that I receive, brief responses to the questions are advisable.

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