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Melody from Ultra-Mind Hypnosis Gold Coast says: I’m so delighted to hear so many hypnosis success stories back from my clients …

The moment I met her I got an instant feeling of love and comfort, and even now I can feel Melody’s big ball of warmth and good energy as soon as I park my car outside her house. After spending some time with her I realised a lot.
I was one of many people who experienced a spiritual crises disguised as a mental illness because my need for something greater than myself was not fulfilled.
Melody knows what you need before you say it or even before you know it yourself. With her guidance and her provided tools, she has enabled me to open my mind, expand my consciousness and more importantly, start loving myself again. She also made me break out of the state of apathy so that I was able to finish my Masters degree. Basically, she has changed the way I look at life and she keeps blowing my mind with her presence and strength as well as her love and light.
I have always had a hard time asking for help, but I’ll never regret asking Melody. As I am writing this I realise that she probably saved my life. For that I will always be humble and grateful to my guardian angel and #1 mentor.

Andrea Forbord Gold Coast, from Norway

Working with Melody is an absolute joy! Melody has been helping bring about my recovery as I have been very unwell. I have gained so much more self love, awareness, energy, more compassion and understanding. Increasing my self worth is changing my entire outlook on life. Melody gives so many tools to help expand your knowledge. These tools are priceless.

A. Moo – Brisbane Queensland

I am so grateful for all of the support and love that Melody has given me in my time of need whilst I was ill. I would like to repeat how grateful I am to Melody and will never forget our time, all of the tools that I have learnt, all of the support and clariy that I have received.

C. Gerolimos ~ Ashmore Gold Coast

Since beginning Transformational Life Coaching with Melody I am learning who I am and what I really would love in life. I am so much more aware and open minded.
Less critical of others and more accepting and trusting.
My business has escalated like a magic wand has been placed over the entire Company.
My consciousness has expanded around my relationships and creating rapport with others has increased tremendously.
What can I say, Melody has enhanced my life, business and relationships with ease.
My wife encouraged me to visit Melody and I am so pleased I did.

Paul Anderson – Gold Coast

Melody Bass provides an Extremely High Quality Life Coaching Program successfully combining NLP, Timeline and ‘hands’ on’ techniques.
Anyone who is LUCKY enough to work with Melody to achieve their highest levels of personal satisfaction and solve any day-to-day issues confronting them is Truly Blessed.

Dr. Terence Vardy DO ND MAppSc

Attending Melody’s Modern Hypnosis Training was so highly informative, tremendous fun and such an enjoyable experience. I have gained so much more knowledge than I ever dreamt possible.
Melody’s teaching ability was clear and made it so easy for me to learn.
Thank you, Melody for such a wonderful experience.

S. Garner Palm Beach, Gold Coast – Queensland – Australia

Melody is a Miracle Worker, A modern day Florence Nightingale, Forget chicken soup for the soul, Melody offers up the whole banquet!

Paula Stevenson, IRELAND.

Hypnosis Success Stories

At the beginning of November, 2009 I received the most wonderful gift, spending six whole days with Melody who so graciously and welcomingly invited me into her home and her family. These six days were a combination of some wonderful learnings’ and personal work for myself. As a client and student I arrived with a port full of questions and unresolved personal issues. During those six wonderful days of being fully absorbed in the work and study with Melody who supported me unconditionally with ease, love and joy, providing me with the framework for my own personal transformation, empowering me to achieve my desired results. With laughter, warmth and a fully concentrated focus Melody’s continual wealth of knowledge was shared at every opportunity. Melodyh’s understanding and compassion for her student and client, “being me”, enabled myself to explore and uncover my hidden self and my talents and abilities, providing me with a deeper level of understanding of who I am and my purpose, solving so many of the mysteries that I had been searching answers for; thus my comprehension and understanding of my past lessons and learnings’s now fit my puzzle and what is really excirting is that each piece that is added to the puzzle fits easily. As a person, I have a very active conscious mine and with the tgools and skills that I have developed with Melody I am now able to be in the present, observing rather than being consumed, thus living with cause. As I write this, two weeks after the most incredible and rewarding investment that I have ever made for myself, I continue to see positive changes on a minute by minute basis, my awareness of myself, my surrounds, my senses continued to be heightened, with the completeness that of live does comes to me with ease, love and joy. I feel infinitely lighter. Melody I am so grateful for the guidance, love and the life changing skills you have shared with me thus far and I am so looking forward to spending more time with you as a student, client and loving friend. For anyone who is reading this, firstly thank you for reading this far. Secondly, if you are considering your next step, take the high road, open your “Pandora’s Box” with Melody’s loving assistance and guidance and take your steps to achieving yourself discovery.

Vanessa Dart ~ Rockhampton

Working with Melody is an amazing life transforming experience. Melody helped me clear very deeply rooted unconscious programs that were holding my life back. This allowed me to make choices easily and effortlessly without any emotional charge, whereas before, I could not even contemplate the possibility of it. I feel so much lighter, I am so much more flexible person and my life is now filled with infinite possibilities. Thank you so much Melody, with all my gratitude and love.

Dr. Marcia Becherel, MD PhD Microbiology & Public Health Adv. Diploma in Naturopathy Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT (TM), Hypnosis and Life Coach

Melody will loving and energetically thread you through that life changing commitment to yourself to clear “the cluttered mind closet”, remove the road blocks to understanding yourself completely on all levels and dimensions. I encourage you – take the opportunity to design and adhere to your purpose with purpose. This work is enlightening, liberating and self perpetuating! You will never regret it!

Vanessa Dart – Rockhampton – Business Officer Suncorp

I have recently required the services of a Certified Hypnotherapist, namely Melody Bass. I have attended a number of Hypnotherapy sessions with Melody and found her to be an excellent, and knowledgeable practitioner.
My reason to use these services of a Certified Hypnotherapist, and healer, was to learn specific techniques to bring about increased relaxation, thus reducing general stress levels. This therapy with Melody Bass has greatly improved my general wellbeing and self belief, to the point where I feel that I am as free from stress and anxiety as possible, thanks to the skills and cutting edge techniques utilised by Melody, in such a competent and professional manner. Therefore with great enthusiasm and confidence I have no hesitation what so ever in writing this letter of recommendation to any future prospective client of Melody Bass.
This consultation, and the subsequent ones, was the most uplifting experience in my life, having attended sessions of various healing consultations, during my rather long lifetime this was the only one where I felt the immediate benefit which is increasing as time goes on. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Melody to everyone as the benefits derived are totally unbelievable until personally experienced.
Ian Cassillis Capalaba. Qld.

Mr. William E. Grandfield, Coffs Harbour. N.S.W.

Wow! I have never experienced anything like this, Melody tapped into the premise on which I’ve lived my life so far and it wasn’t what I would have expected, the truth came from my own mouth. Now I can work on new thoughts to make the most of my life here, and as Melody did her work, I could literally feel sensations in my body.

Randa Magdi Stanmore. N.S.W.

Automatically felt comfortable and safe, understood what was being presented, felt a positive, intense and loving healing energy. After my session with Melody I was able to identify my deepest emotional/psychological blocks throughout the session and physically felt these dark emotions leave my lungs, mind and solar plexus, all of these emotions that I faced were without any fear at all. I feel lighter and have been left with tools to continue to fight my demons. I look forward to continuing my journey of fearlessness with Melody.

Anne Sweeney RN BSC. HN AIDS/CNS/ Case Manager, Mental Health.

I am leaps and bounds ahead. Thank you for coming into my life and sharing what you are and what you have. I will be eternally grateful. My new credo is “let’s just do it and see what happens!”. Well I received more than I thought possible and am now in a place where I am open and able to receive in every sense of the word. I can now achieve with ease, anything in life.

Rachel Black, Tarragindi. Qld.

Melody you are my saviour. You’ve changed me so much for the better. I now have so much to look forward to for the rest of my life. You are a Saint. I find it hard to put in all into words, because words can’t explain what you have done for me, please know that I love you so much. Melody has added another 20 years to my life as I was on a path of self destruction. I couldn’t have done this on my own. Her love, patience and giving so much of herself to me will change me for the rest of my life. What a blessing to have been led to this amazing angel. I love you with all my heart. How does it get any better than this?

Kaye Scott, Wallington. Victoria.

Prior to coming to see you I had spent over one year with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had researched this illness, put myself under a naturopath and took daily oxygen whilst trying to overcome its debilitating affects via a variety of ways, all without success. Having received some “Intensive Care” from you I can say that I have not looked back since and have been able to pick up my life again. I don’t know how it worked, and am unable to explain it, I just know it worked for me and I am very grateful. Many thanks

Jenny Freeman, Gold Coast. Queensland

After much searching for a healing facilitator I found Melody. Melody is gifted with intuitive healing of many modalities and has guided me through major blocks in my life where everything I had previously done had failed. I know the truth to be that Melody can help anyone with a wish to be healed and fulfil their life purpose.

M. Buckingham. Gold Coast.

Melody, Just a note of thanks for having spent time with me, and being able to pull things out of my past, or rather taking me back to where I had things locked away in my mind and being able to bring them out and freeing my mind. I feel so free from issues that were hidden. Thank you again

Tom Cribb Toukley

Glorious change, I feel a big step closer. Rare do I write these, Melody has played a major part in the turnaround in my life. Thank you.

Steven Penny Eight Mile Plains

In simplest terms my session with Melody has allowed me to access information and programs within myself. I was stuck in old behaviour which was very unhealthy for me, this was most evident in the relationship I had with myself and with others. I feel like I have accessed the angel within. I have addressed issues such as addictive, obsessive and compulsive behaviours. I am not cured, nor am I perfect, yet I have heightened my awareness and access to new information, choices, feelings and desires. The chatter in my head slows and quietens and I feel much more at peace. I just want to thank you again for one of the best weekends of my life. I felt I have learned so much from you and it was just what I needed for my heart and soul, it’s the first time I have experienced true love through myself.

Nathan Bell Bondi N.S.W

“One of the most powerful processes I have ever experienced. The results from Melody were instantaneous and are ongoing. Melody, I will be forever grateful that I was led to you. You have engendered in me, not only a love for you but also the deepest respect, thank you for being who you are”

Edith Erdmann Victoria